Curology formulates custom, dermatologist-designed skincare for you, delivered to your door.

In a vast and ever-expanding sea of skincare products, Curology stands alone by offering direct-to-consumer prescription skincare customized to your exact concerns. Whether you have acne, rosacea, fine lines, or a combination of all three, Curology’s on-staff dermatologists design a custom mix of prescription ingredients to treat your unique skin, then package your routine in a box sent straight to your home.

To bolster credibility in the Curology name and increase their visibility to a broader audience, we rebranded from top to bottom, introducing new products, a new brand design system, and new ways to reach customers with a launch in Target stores nationwide.

Brand identity

Design direction
Art direction


People who struggle primarily with acne (aka Gen Z) are Curology’s biggest customer base, but our medical expertise is what differentiates us from the crowd. Our challenge was to walk that line aesthetically, using visuals that simultaneously connected with a younger audience but also positioned our brand with authority. We landed on “warm science” as our north star, grounding our messaging in our dermatologist’s knowledge but lending it a more youthful edge in our photography, graphic elements, and bold pops of color in our brand purple.


Our signature squeeze is the connecting thread throughout our visual system. Inspired by how we interact with our products, the squeeze acts as a primary graphic element to punch up our compositions and as a secondary accent in places like our custom typeface, Skintype. In combination with our core purple color, the result is an ownable brand aesthetic unique to Curology.

Agency   Gretel  
Type Foundry   Dinamo
   Shan Benson
Editorial Illustrator   Sol Cotti
Icon Illustrator   Jordon Cheung
Designers   Diana Mora, Donnah Perez, Christine Shen
Art Director   Nas Chubinsky
Writer   Nicole Jahns
Design Director   Malisa Kuch
Creative Director   Martin Sanchez
Executive Creative Director   Elaine Fong
Producers   Anju Purushot, Sasha Riddle, Dana Ross

Photo Editor  Jade Meneguel